Blinged-Out Denim

Topshop’s spring denim collection is throwing no shade. Everyone needs a fun pair of denim in their wardrobe. Sequins, rhinestones, jewels, these jeans have it all. Super cute for a party, going out or heck even school. When I was back in college, I would have definitely worn these to class.

MOTO Floral Gemstone Mom Jeans

MOTO Gemstone Super Rip Mom

MOTO Shimmer Sequin Hayden Jeans

PETITE 28″ Gem Hem Mom Jeans

MOTO Sequin Knee Mom Jeans

MOTO Limited Edition Sequin Mom Jeans

MOTO Flamingo Sequin Mom Jeans

Would you rock a pair?

-Shelby Cofrances

February 2017 Beauty Favorites

To be honest, thank god February is over. I am not a winter person and the closer we get to spring, the happier I get. However, there were a lot of beauty products I tried and loved in the month of February.

Facial mists have been popular in the beauty world lately. They help to add moisture to your face before or after your makeup. The rose water mists are most popular but since I am not a fan of rose scent, I decided to try the Kiehl’s Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist. I love the fresh scent and it’s not too overpowering. I spray it on my freshly washed face before my makeup.

Although highlighting is nothing new to me, I tend to do a bold highlight on an everyday basis. A lot of beauty bloggers that I follow started getting into a more subtle, “glow from within” highlight and after looking through my countless numbers of highlighters, I realized I didn’t really have any subtle highlighters. I heard people raving about the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter so of course I had to try it. It gives you a beautiful, natural glow. I like to put this on my cheek bones as well as the center of my forehead and down the bridge of my nose.

I love the Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadows. They are so creamy, pigmented and affordable. I’ve already purchased a bunch and I used them pretty much every day in February.

Urban Decay recently re released their All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray along with other sprays in the range. I had tried the original All-Nighter spray and didn’t like it. When they came out with it again, I decided to try it again because I had heard they reformulated it a bit. I have to say, it is so much better and I use it everyday now. I really do notice that my makeup stays on longer.

Let me know what products you loved in February!

-Shelby Cofrances

Flower Power

There seems to be a common theme amongst the Fall 2017 collections, flowers. Almost every collection I’ve seen has incorporated flowers in their designs. Although each designer has their own unique esthetic and style, I find it kind of boring that they all chose to use flower prints or appliquĂ©s. What do you think? I mean how many times can we see flowers?


Mary Katrantzou







Alberta Ferretti



Christopher Kane

-Shelby Cofrances

Spring 17 Wishlist

Today was a beautiful day in New York and it really got me into a spring mood. I even decided to try a pastel purple eyeshadow look for work. Below is a collection of fashion and beauty items I love and hope to get my hands on for spring!

John Galt Grateful Dead Graphic T-Shirt

stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter in Kitten

ASOS Cat Eye Glasses in Clear Lens

MIU MIU Cropped metallic striped stretch-knit sweater

Free People Park Paradise Printed Flares


1187thelabel Venti Hoops

What’s on your wishlist?

-Shelby Cofrances

Feelin’ the Flare

I cannot wait for spring because I have been into loose fitting, bell sleeve shirts and flared pants. My style is usually very edgy and minimalistic but for the first time since high school, I feel like I am developing a new style. I have been listening to a lot of 60’s and 70’s music lately and that has been inspiring my style. Here’s a collection of flared pants I love.

Free People One Moonlight Garden Pants

– Shelby Cofrances


I am so excited to get my hair cut next week. My hair is fairly long, but since my hair is on the thinner side and I have an extensive history of dying it, it’s in rough shape. I usually get urges to chop my hair off every few years. I haven’t had it cut short in a while and since my ends are thin and dry, it’s the perfect time to chop it off. I have been inspired by Olivia Culpo’s trendy bob and I’ve decided I’m going to get mine cut like hers. Here’s some bob cut inspiration that has gotten me excited for a new do.

Which cut is your favorite?

– Shelby Cofrances


Delicate, simple and elegant.

I never used to wear a lot of jewelry, but the past few years, I have been getting into it more. I really love dainty, gold pieces that can be layered and stacked. Hoops especially have become an obsession of mine. I want to get more piercings so I can wear hoops along my ears. Here’s a collection of inspirational hoop earrings.

– Shelby Cofrances

Band Tees

In the recent months, I have rekindled my love for classic rock. From AC DC to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, I’ve been taken back to a time I wish I had been able to experience. In fashion, vintage band tees have been making an appearance on the runways and on the streets. There is something so cool and effortless about throwing on a band tee with jeans and a pair of boots. I have always had an edgy style, so I am in love with this trend. Here’s a collection of band tees taken to the streets.

– Shelby Cofrances